Latex Lingerie

Latex lingerie is a bold and alluring style that instantly hugs the curves and silhouette of the wearer, creating an alluring second skin effect. The slinky material has a high sheen that adds to its allure, and can be worn alone or with a matte fabric like velvet or cotton for contrast and comfort. If you’re feeling daring, wear your latex lingerie with a pair of thigh-high boots to add extra height and create a truly alluring outfit.

The popularity of latex lingerie has been driven by the BDSM community, also known as rubberists. This subculture fetishes the tight shiny materials, which are used to create garments that appear to be a second skin and can trigger an emotional connection between the wearer and the material. Unlike PVC and other man-made materials, latex is actually a natural substance derived from certain flowering plants. It can be polished to a high shine or produced in bright colours, which further enhances its allure.

Unlike other tight shiny fabrics, latex can be worn without the need for lubrication as it’s gentler on the body than leather or even silk. However, lubricants are still recommended, and a spray or gel can help minimise friction during the process of getting dressed. It’s important to avoid rubbing the garment on the skin, as this can cause rips and tears. Instead, a soft hand should be gently pulled through the inside of the garment to pull it onto the body. If the garment feels too small it may stretch or split during this process, so it’s best to choose a size up.

If you want to make your latex lingerie really shine, a light application of a silicone-based lubricant will be beneficial. This will not only highlight the lines of the shape and give it a shinier appearance, but will also increase the slinkiness of the material on your body. It’s important to use the right product, though, as a water-based or oil-based lubricant can lead to the surface of the garment becoming sticky and damaging.

The quality of the construction and finish of latex lingerie varies wildly. I purchased a pair of transparent latex knickers and matching bra from the Atsuko Kudo label from one of her stockists, and the level of care in construction was dramatically lower than other pieces I’ve purchased directly from the brand. The panels of Chantilly lace print have been impeccably cut and glued, but the seams on the interior of the garment show that there has been little attention to detail in other areas. This is particularly visible around the underwire area where there is clearly unsightly excess glue dried on the inside of the seams. I’ve noticed the same issue in other latex clothing from other manufacturers, and it’s clear that these artisanal production methods can sometimes be inconsistent. This is especially worrying given that latex is an expensive material to produce and the more careless workmanship can leave your body vulnerable to rips and holes.