Premium Lawn Care in Madison, Wisconsin

The premium lawn care in Madison, Wisconsin is just one part of an overall commitment to a beautiful lawn. Madison is a vibrant community that is full of exciting activities and exciting places. You want your lawn to reflect this beauty and provide a relaxing and peaceful place to walk, play, or relax in the evening.

A premium lawn care in Madison, means more than just watering. It means properly caring for the soil and ensuring it stays well-drained. This will help avoid excess fertilizer and weed growth that can run wild without regular maintenance. It also means the proper mulching, fertilizing, and seeding needed for a healthy lawn. There are many options for fertilizers and weed killers, as well as natural fertilizers such as plants’ nectar, soybean meal, manure, and other animal products. If you have questions about how best to care for your lawn, contact your local lawn care provider.

Another premium lawn care in Madison necessity is irrigation. The lack of direct sunlight in the Madison area makes most areas hardy enough to require at least an annual irrigation. This will depend on the amount of grass and shrubs, you have, since each type requires different amounts of water. If you have trees or bushes along your edges, you may need more than normal rainfall to keep them healthy. Contact your local water provider for your lawn’s irrigation requirements.

One of the biggest threats to a beautiful lawn is infestation by insects and fungus. You can help to prevent damage to your lawn by following a regular lawn maintenance schedule and removing unsightly weeds and debris before they can spread. Your grass needs to stay oxygenated, so you should water based on need, not based on appearance. You should mulch your garden in the fall, not the summer.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that has year-round water availability, your lawn care routine will include deep watering. You should water only when the soil is dry or nearly dry, and you should use slow-water lawn fertilizer to avoid stinging grasses during the growing season. Once established, you can increase the water level by watering only when the soil is moist. For cool-season grasses, such as rye and blue, you should water at least quarterly, while warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda and ryegrass, should be watered only once a week. Water your lawn thoroughly between watering, and spread mulch over the grass. The benefits of mulch will save you money on watering and weed control chemicals.

To improve the overall appearance of your lawn, fertilizing is a good step. Apply organic matter every two weeks during the growing season. In the fall, use a deep-frost fertilizer, and then follow your standard premium lawn care in Madison with a light application of chemical fertilizer. A regular lawn care schedule of sharp cutting, sculpting, and aerating promotes the health of your lawn and garden. Your property will look amazing for years to come, and you’ll appreciate the effort and time you put into it when you have a beautiful lawn to enjoy!