The Yamaha NP12 Polyphonic Keyboard

Yamaha NP12

If you’re searching for a piano that can be both convenient and effective as a music studio instrument, check out the Yamaha NP12. From the first note to the last, Piaggero will astound you with the quality and compactness of its sounds, from its warm, rich sounding notes sampled from among one of Yamaha’s best concert pianos, all the way to its light, airy sound that is surprisingly natural and expressive. The NP-32 comes standard with a Graded Soft Touch keyboard, which has light, square key-screws, for easy tactile feel, along with steel-tipped action for better durability. It is incredibly practical and intuitive, and you could take it almost anywhere to play anytime.

The Yamaha NP12 piano keyboard is probably one of the most successful portable keyboards ever made. Its twelve octave polyphonic keyboard and extensive library of sounds are truly a work of art, whether you’re working with acoustic or digital strings or any variety of headphones or electric guitars. The keys respond with realistic feeling, and there are no issues with either finger noise or accidentally hitting a string. Its durability is also another reason to buy this fine keyboard: it was designed to handle hours of use, making it one of the best-kept secrets in the music studio.

Perhaps you’re thinking about which instrument suits your needs best when considering the Yamaha NP12 and its new grand piano analog. Well, for starters, if you like a larger instrument that is easy to handle, then the Yamaha NP12 Piaggero is the perfect choice. It has larger keys, a wider range of notes and sounds, a deeper bass response, and a deeper voice for all learners and experts. But what makes this model unique is the fact that it is equipped with two microphones, one input for virtual instrument interface (VITA), and another for recording. You can connect your computer to the sound card of your Piaggero and start editing and producing your virtual instrument with Pro Tools.

The keyboards of this brand come in two standard models and one advanced model, each featuring two octave weighted keyboards and a selection of effects. The standard keyboard has the sixty-one keys found on most modern upright pianos plus additional keys for connecting headphones, connecting the computer, connecting the USB cable, and displaying the values of the volume control. The advanced keyboard has eleven octaves with a weighted keyboard and additional octaves for use with headphones. Both offer advanced functionality and great sound quality.

If you’re not looking for the extended features of the NP12 keyboard there’s also the Yamaha NPO series. This series offers pianists and keyboard players who want more than the sixty-one keys and four octaves that the NP series offers. The NP series has a total of ten voices which are a great deal louder and fuller sounding than the sixty-one keys and four octaves found on the standard NP. The ten voices offer a rich, dark, eastern, Latin, jazz, and blues feel and tone. And because this series comes with a grand piano, this keyboard is especially ideal for players who are new to the piano.

With all these wonderful features the Yamaha NP12 piano really does offer something special to those interested in piano playing. Not only do the Yamaha pianos provide tremendous value but they offer plenty of things that make them excellent choices. Yamaha pianos are extremely well constructed and come with a five-year limited warranty. They have polyphonic digital programming and a number of memory options. The sixty-one key polyphony allows the player to play songs and other instruments through this single keyboard.