What is InventHelp?

What is InventHelp? InventHelp is an innovative inventor support business that offers valuable services to innovative inventors so that they can reach their goals by ensuring that they are able to obtain a patent. InventHelp helps you package up your best ideas, gain a strong patent through their trademarked application submission services, and then submit your best ideas to various businesses that need new ideas. It is their mission to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in this business. Their services encompass patent law, international business law, software patent drafting, software patent translation, design patent, and comprehensive business strategies to help their clients succeed.

Many people ask what is InventHelp. An easy way to answer this question is to understand what a patent is. A patent gives the owner of a product or idea the right to stop others from selling, copying, or using the product or idea. The first person to come up with the idea for the invention is not always given the patent because it does not make sense for an original idea to be patented. Other people can come up with an original idea and submit them for consideration but once it is submitted it cannot be patented so the original inventor must seek a protection from a company or individual that can grant a patent.

InventHelp provides its clients with the proper legal counsel and technical assistance that they may need to submit the inventions to the appropriate patent authorities. Once the inventions have been submitted to the authorities, they will perform a thorough examination to determine whether or not the invention meets the requirements to obtain a patent. If the patent is approved, they issue a patent that allows the inventor to stop others from selling, copying, or utilizing the invention throughout the world. Some inventors feel overwhelmed at this point and do not know what to do. Others believe that they have done everything possible legally to protect their inventions and proceed with attempting to register the patent with the USPTO. Both methods are legally acceptable ways of protecting the rights of the inventor.

Many inventors are quite anxious to obtain the patent for their inventions. It is important to realize however, that even if the USPTO does approve the patent you may still have to fight to obtain a lawsuit loan from a private patent attorney or patent law firm. What is also true is that many inventions are successful in the technology sector and are able to prevent others from freely selling or copying the product. There are times, however, when a successful patent can be obtained even without an attorney by submitting the invention to the patent offices themselves.

What is IPectHelp? is an online resource designed to assist those who are seeking assistance in obtaining a U.S patent by assisting them in researching patent attorneys and the various costs associated with securing a patent. Many aspiring inventors may have to obtain patent attorneys to discuss their invention with patent specialists. What is IPectHelp? helps inventors obtain patent assistance from patent attorneys who specialize in technology-related patents.

A typical patent attorney will work with you on paperwork and provide a cost-free consultation. The cost of such a consultation is only a portion of what it would cost to litigate your invention. What is IPectHelp? provides assistance in selecting patent attorneys who specialize in technology-related patents. This service is not offered by all patent law firms, but is offered by some of the best. You should do research to determine which patent firm provides the best support in litigating your invention.