Why Choose a Retaining Walls Company?

Retaining walls are often constructed to add structure and purpose to a landscape, especially for properties with sloped yards. These structures help to create a new level of usable space that can be utilized for gardens, patios and even driveways. These walls can be built from a variety of materials including rock, brick, concrete block and timber. In addition to their structural purposes, they also serve a decorative role and are a beautiful accent to any yard.

When building a retaining wall it is important to choose the right design and material to ensure longevity. For instance, a properly built wood retaining wall can last 25-30 years. However, incorrect installation can result in a collapsed or damaged wall. In order to extend the lifespan of a retaining wall it is crucial that it be waterproofed. Whether that is accomplished through drainage pipes, gravel and weep holes or a criblock design it is vital that it be done during the initial construction of the wall to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Another way that a retaining wall can serve as a functional feature is to hold back soil and prevent erosion. This can be done with a simple stacked stone or block wall or a more complex terraced system. In the Lower Mainland, we have seen a huge number of these systems installed. The most important factor is that the system be well designed and constructed to prevent erosion and soil movement.

Many homeowners are contacted regarding existing retaining walls that have failed or are beginning to fail. This is usually due to improper drainage. If you have an existing retaining wall that is starting to erode or is in danger of collapsing it is imperative that you contact a reputable contractor immediately for evaluation and repair.

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