Align Health Collective

At Align Health Collective, we believe in the power of individual and community healing. Our team of dedicated physiotherapists in Hughesdale & Oakleigh are here to help you get back on your feet after injury or pain, and move forward with your life in the best possible shape. Align Physiotherapists are highly trained and offer a wide range of treatments including physiotherapy, clinical pilates, manual therapy, sports massage, rehabilitation and exercise therapy to name a few.

Health equity is a foundational value for Align, and is reflected in everything we do from our policies, programs, and standards to our employee resources and Align University education on topics like anti-harassment and discrimination, inclusion, diversity, and cultural awareness. We also believe in putting our values into action by supporting our employees who are active members of local communities through our annual Impact Grants Program and community volunteering initiatives.

The Collective grew out of the desire of many healthcare leaders to build a new kind of health care system, one that promotes wellness and inclusivity and interrogates systems of oppression through learning and making together. Its creative spaces helped members see their work through a different lens, let go of perfectionism through scrappy iteration, and bring humanity and lived experience to a field that often dismisses those perspectives.

In its first year, the Collective brought together 80+ equity leaders from across health fields to craft a vision of health justice and to develop prototypes to bring it to life in their institutions. The Collective’s workgroups focused on the following key areas:

Coalition partners, including AMA, philanthropies and foundations, health systems, individual physicians and other providers, employers, medical specialty societies, and pharmaceutical, research, and biotech organizations, have formed Rise to Health: A National Coalition for Equity in Health Care to create a common framework and playbook that enables them to align their efforts for greater impact.

The Coalition’s initial workgroups have begun to meet regularly, with the Coalition’s Steering Committee (led by Partnership Co-Chairs June Simmons and Tim McNeill of UTHealth School of Public Health) facilitating a shared governance structure. Each workgroup has a clear agenda, defined focus areas, and priority outcomes.

Physicans at Align Health Collective use the latest diagnostic tools and treatment methods to enhance mobility, strength, balance, and flexibility for seniors and to reduce their risk of injury or chronic pain. They do this by conducting a thorough assessment and developing customized physiotherapy treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. They then provide a combination of manual therapy techniques, personalized exercises, and educational materials to maximize each patient’s potential for recovery and preventing future injuries and pain. This enables patients to return to their favorite activities sooner and improves their quality of life.